KEEMBO 의 신곡 'WHATEVER' 는 심플한 악기 구성과 깔끔한 사운드 위에 다채로운 킴보의 보컬이
어우러져 기분 좋은 나름함을 주는 팝 트랙이다. 더 이상은 끓어오르지 않지만, 또 완전히 식은 것도
아닌 연인 사이의 마음을 그려내고 있다.
'언제고 타오를 수 없는 게 사람의 마음이고, 우리 둘은 그걸 너무나도 잘 알고 있어. 그러니 미지근하면
미지근한대로, 파도가 치면 치는대로 흘러가보자. 어쩌면 그건 그것대로 나쁘지 않은, 또 다른 온도의 사랑일 거야.'

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The latest song of KEEMBO, 'WHATEVER' depicts a relationship between those two who have already been
through their most heated and coldest time. It is a pop track with minimal instrumentations, neatly mixed
sound, and most importantly, KEEMBO's versatile vocal topped on them.
"We already know that we cannot fall in love magically all the time. So, why don't we just, wait and see how
it all turns out? If a wave comes, let's flow along it (I wouldn't say "ride it," cause it just sounds too pretentious
and not right.) The thing is, even if our magic at first sight is gone, there'd still be love - another kind of love."


Executive Producer 한재호, 김승수
Executive Supervisor 송수윤
Production Coordination 박정선
Marketing Direction 정재현
Music Director SWEETUNE (한재호, 김승수, 송수윤, 이형석, 이다빈, 고남수, 이창현, 안준성, 정병규, 박규태)
Promoter 장진은
Creative Director 김준호 @예스투탐
Art Director 김웅

M/V Director 김준호 @예스투탐, 백승찬, 한재희, 김웅
PhotoGrapher 김웅

Costume & Illustration : 권소이
Hair 서희, 가희 @정샘물 인스피레이션 east
Make-Up 윤미, 민서 @정샘물 인스피레이션 east

Mix Engineer 홍승현 @SWEETUNE
Mastering Engineer MORISAKI MASATO
Art Work 김웅
Distributed By 주식회사 와이지플러스
Presented By 주식회사 아라라인


Executive Producer : Jaeho Han, Seungsu Kim
Executive Supervisor : Sooyoon Song
Production Coordination : Jeongseon Park
Marketing Direction : Jaehyeon Jeong
Music Director : SWEETUNE (Jaeho Han, Seungsu Kim, Sooyoon Song, Hyeongseok Lee, Dabin Lee, Namsu Ko, Changhyeon Lee, Junseung Ahn, Byeonggyu Jung, Gyutae Park)
Promoter : Jineun Jang
Creative Director : Junho Kim @YESTOTOM
Art Director : Woong Kim

M/V Director : Junho Kim @YESTOTOM, Seungchan Back, Jaehee Han, Woong Kim
PhotoGrapher : Woong Kim

Costume & Illustration : Soyee Kweon
Hair : Seohee, Gahee @Jungsaemmool Inspiration east
Make-Up : Yoonmi, Minseo @Jungsaemmool Inspiration east

Mix Engineer : Seunghyeon Hong @SWEETUNE
Mastering Engineer : MORISAKI MASATO
Art Work : Woong Kim
Distributed By YGPLUS Inc.
Presented By ARALINE Entertainment Inc.

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